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New Coverage Options for 2019: Short-Term Plans are Back

An important insurance change for those under 65: short-term insurance plans are back!

Federal lawmakers ruled to allow people to buy short-term, limited-duration health coverage that lasts up to 12 months and can be renewed for an additional, maximum of 36 months.

Previously, the Affordable Care Act limited these plans to a maximum of three months of coverage, renewable for another three months depending on the insurance carrier. This decision comes after lawmakers saw expansion of these plans as a way to make healthcare coverage more affordable for people who have been priced out of the individual market.

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Medicare Cards are Changing in 2018: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are removing Social Security Numbers from Medicare cards to help prevent fraud, fight identity theft and protect taxpayers with Medicare.

Medicare cards will now have a new Medicare Number, called a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI), that is a unique number to you and it will replace the Social Security-based Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN). New cards will start being mailed as early as April in states across the country, but here are five fast facts you need to know now about what to expect with this important Medicare change.

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Managing Changes In Your Retiree Employer Medicare Plan

Wisconsin health insurance plans can save you money on prescription drugsRetirement comes with its own set of questions and things to look out for, especially with health insurance coverage for individuals who are eligible for Medicare. Retiree insurance coverage offered by a former employer or a retiring spouse’s employer is not a mandatory benefit, and the sponsoring employer may change premiums and benefits or cancel the plan entirely based on their internal needs. If you have group insurance from a retiree plan along with Medicare coverage, Medicare provides primary coverage and your employer-sponsored insurance is secondary. You are, however, responsible for the premiums on your retiree group plans and your Medicare coverage. The cost and coverage varies from company to employee, depending on which package is offered.

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The Outlook for Affordable Health Insurance in Wisconsin

fall-sceneThe Affordable Care Act changed the health care landscape tremen­dously. The gradual rollout of ACA provisions paved the way for an additional 20 million Americans to obtain health care coverage, which would not have been possible without ACA, which is referred to as Obamacare. Based on the latest figures from, nine in 10 Americans now have health coverage. While a large part of the population obtains health coverage through their employers, a significant number depend on the health insurance exchanges to find affordable health insurance in Wisconsin. State governments had the option of establishing their own marketplace or sending their residents to the federal exchanges. Wisconsin opted for the latter.

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wisconsin Affordable Care Act

Obamacare Wisconsin

employees-on-fhk-sign obamacare wisconsin
FHK means experienced, personal service!

Since the introduction of Obamacare Wisconsin citizens have been in search for affordable health insurance plans to accommodate the increased deductibles associated with the transition. Having someone knowledgeable on the topic is just the first step. Trusting that person to recommend the best insurance plan for your needs is the next.

Trustworthy Agents

It’s already known that we provide the most knowledgeable employees in regards to health insurance. With that in mind, we hold them to the highest standards when it comes to the trust they hold between them and their clients. We have created a reputation of trust, and with that comes customer loyalty. We don’t lead people astray from the plan that best suits them and their unique needs. Each person is different, and that holds true with their needs in insurance. With the introduction of Obamacare those needs shifted and became even more complex. Being the forward thinkers that we are, we became experts in the changing system.

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What Would Happen if Premium Tax Credits Went Away in Wisconsin?

Supreme Court DecisionJust recently, the US Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare subsidies. What exactly does this mean?

First, we need to define subsidies. Premium tax subsidies and advanced premium tax credits are both the same thing, and they refer to the income-based discount on Obamacare health insurance. This is the advanced discount to help pay your premium. For example, based on your income, your tax credit could be $150, which reduces your premium by that much every month.

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Is it too late to get Obamacare?

get-affordable-coverage-for-your-familyHas the deadline to sign up for Obamacare passed? No. For those of you that have yet to enroll in a plan, the deadline is fast approaching, February 15th, 2015. The 15th falls on a Sunday this year, and FHK will be open this weekend on both Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th during normal business hours, 8:00am until 5:00pm. If this upcoming deadline has you nervous at all, do not worry. The skilled agents at FHK are here to help.

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Big Changes for Wisconsin Obamacare

change in ACAThere have been major changes to the Obamacare Marketplace this week. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield just announced that they are discontinuing major medical health insurance coverage for tens of thousands Wisconsin residents. This change will affect individuals currently on an Anthem Affordable Care Act plan (Obamacare) both on and off exchange.

This news comes as quite a shock considering that just 2 years ago Anthem had a very competitive marketplace plan and was recognized as a strong insurance contender.

Also making news is the announcement that Assurant Health will not be participating in the next open enrollment, set to begin November 1, 2015.

What does this mean for Wisconsin residents?

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What is the Difference Between a Health Insurance Agent and a Navigator?

FHK Blog image“I wish I would have contacted you sooner!” We hear this statement often at our office. Many clients think you have to pay extra to work with an agent when choosing between Medicare insurance plans. This is simply not true. Let me explain.

Health insurance agents are licensed through the State. We represent multiple insurance companies and in doing so, are able to provide customers with more of an individualized focus. We are not trying to push one particular product, we truly get to know you and look for the most effective plan based on your needs

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4 Dates You Need to Know

aca updates picIs November 15th, 2014 marked on your calendar? If not, it should be.  This is the first day that you are able to begin enrolling and shopping for marketplace plans. Anyone that requires health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, regardless if you already have coverage, or are looking for a new plan, will need to be on the marketplace.

December 15, 2014 is another extremely important deadline. In order for your new coverage to begin by January 1st, you must be enrolled by this date.  If you are confused on how to get Obamacare, let us simplify it for you:

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